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We are closely representing as well related to the Real International Investment Groups who are into the trade of purchase and sale of banking financial debt notes or instruments (mtn’s & similar) and commodities like gold , crude-oil ,bio fuel & etc.
The above transactions are on the stage of international market. Hence the volume and number of trades engaged is very huge, allowing to be reached , executed and succeeded only by very high potential investment groups.

The above said trade activities are time stringent on the aspect of the payments to be paid out as well the payments to be received for all of the high volume and more number of the transactions done on daily basis .All of the above transactions will obtain a successfully completed status with more profits gained only when the mentioned payments are fulfilled and completed in the limited time frame of the business hours on all trade days.The above protocol insists the investment groups to be equipped with readily available resources of huge funds so as to complete these high volume and large number of transactions immediately and successfully.The above continuous need of timely actions to be executed on all trading days has compelled the investment groups to depend on their banks for availing the enhanced credit line facility so as to honor their payments surely and dynamically leading to successful and highly profitable transactions.

It should be well noted , that the above obtained enhanced credit lines by the Investment Groups from their banks , are not actually operated for these transactions , but only exhibited to prove their existence , to enable them to complete these transactions , all of which are on arbitrage nature or style.( i.e. the Investment Groups have already contracted the sellers as well the buyers for these transactions which are on conclusion status).This clearly indicates that the Investor’s funds are at zero risk as well will earn them good profits.

The ICC procedures and norms of the process of availing the enhanced credit line facility has made the investment groups to join only with interested third party clients who are ready for joint venture mode of participation.

The third parties are accepted only if they are ready and able to part with their owned or their benefited neat, clear and executable banking financial instruments like Bank Guarantee, Stand by Letter of Credit, Medium Term Notes , Safe keeping Receipt , Cash Deposit Receipts , Cash Backed Drafts and likes.

The third party participation is by the way of blocking the value of their owned or beneficial instrument in favour of the investment group and confirming the same through global standard procedure of banking Swift message under the message category namely MT760 , to be sent from the client’s instrument issuing bank to the coordinated account and bank of the investment group.

Based on the above safe participation (MT760 facilitates Only blocking and not transfer of funds, where the client’s principle is intact all along the period of the international contract signed) the client receives the static high yield profits as committed in the contract, thus revealing the existence of Private Placement Programs Or High Yield Investment Programs Or Structured Private Finance Opportunity.

The above revealed opportunity has brought to the small and medium business groups, a path for improving their financial status thus enabling their business expansions and diversifications without adding liabilities to their accounts due to expenditures on the business developments by the way of investing their limited resources in the form of valid and executable banking instruments in a simple ,safest ,speedy procedure thus adding value for their time and money.

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We are introducing new pgm 10 M US$ - and above with MT760 weekly profit will be 30% for 40 weeks.But bank should provide MT760 to trdaer's bank.More details contact our mail or phone no:
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